About Ozias Leduc

Born in 1871 in St-Hilaire, the shy young Ozias Leduc was very precocious for his age and was already interested in art. At 19, he began working as a decorator statues in Montreal. This led him later to work for Luigi Capello, a church decorator. Thereafter, it will become the student Adolphe Rho, Bécancour church decorator. In 1892, Ozias Leduc obtained his first contract as a church decoration works director.

In 1897 he went to Paris and London. On this trip, he was influenced by Impressionist painting. Accordingly, we find that his works from the early decades of the twentieth century reflect this influence. In general, his paintings have a dimension both symbolic and spiritual. The lines are concise and meticulous, warm and subdued colors, soft light. 

Moreover, in 1938, Ozias Leduc received an honorary doctorate from the University of Montreal for all its works, as the paintings as his poetry. Leduc had among his pupils Paul-Émile Borduas, he initiates the sacred painting and Gabrielle Messier, who will become his assistant at the church project Notre Dame-de-la-Presentation in 1942.

Recognized as one of the greatest religious art painter, Leduc also did portraits, landscapes, still life, poetry and several secular works. Although decorated Leduc has over thirty churches in Quebec, the Maritimes and New England, Notre-Dame-de-la-Présentation remains a particular phenomenon since the artist devotes the last years her life. Note also that this contract began in 1942 at the respectable age of 77 years. His death occurred in 1955, more than a year before the end of the proposed work.


Photo: Musée Pierre-Boucher


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